Wolf Howling Garden
Address: 1355 US Route 3 North Stratford, NH, 03590
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Phone: 603-922-5101
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Wolf Howling Farm

Abbreviation: WHF
Contact: Dan Duhaime
Address: 1355 US Rte 3
City: North Ntratford
State: NH
Zipcode: 03590
Contact Info: 603-922-5101

Wolf Howling Farm is set deep in the Connecticut River Valley in Stratford, New Hampshire's North Country. In 2009 I moved here to get back to the land and live in balance with nature. On a small one-acre plot I am able to grow an assortment of vegetables, strawberries and raspberries. My relationship with farming is to provide natural grown food for our health be it mind, body or spirit. Working at other farms, I learned the basics of good farming practices which I now put it to good raising vibrant fruits and veggies as well as tending to my flock of hens for eggs.
Some early experience picking apples in new boston NH gave me some basics in what I know about farming. In 1975 when moving to Summertown, TN to a community farm I learned about horses and gardening and on any given day I would hitch up a team to a wagon and bring loads of produce out of the fields, as well as hay and firewood in addition to fixing fences and proper care of animals Cultivating row after row of produce helped me to really appreciate all the aspects of mother nature and where food comes from ,and how much work it is.
I am enjoying the process of renewing the earth from the bottom up, removing tree stumps and rocks, glass and metal left behind many years ago. Most of my work is actually done with a hand tool where every day I experience natures wonderous miracles--literally watching the birds and the bees. The small farm with big ideas---Wolf Howling Farm will be adding more fences and many more high and low tunnels and will be looking to expand soon.
I am excited to offer from Wolf Howling Farm vegetables, herbs, fruit and eggs through the North Country Farmers Coop. On Saturday evenings I like to invite you all to a fire circle, otherwise known as a talking circle or drum circle,in the native American tradition, the circle is to bring people together to teach, share and learn from each other bringing the understanding of the four elements of earth, air,fire,and water to know the importance of balance in our every day life experience for harmony and peace
So come and enjoy the the stream rushing by or look at the stars or tell a story. also just come and visit and tour the farm, and chat with hens, they are very friendly and love a handout of watermelon or some lettuce. also I have handcrafted beadwork and natural tanned deerskin for sale ,Ican do some custom pieces,or teach you a lesson in beading or tanning.
I look to see you all at the localfarmer markets in colebrook or the Stratford common.or here on the farm in 2014. thanks to all my customers walk in peace Wolf Howling
cut flowers 1.00 a bunch asparagus 4.00 per lb. plants 1.00 per pot strawberry plants 12 for 5.00 raspberry plants each 2.00 comphrey 1.00 mint 1.00 chives 1.00 catnip 1.00 chicken manure 3.00 5 gal.bucket
handcrafted beadwork in native american design ,I also make, one of a kind Items custom made,quality fine art .some of my work can be found at the Mt.Kearsarge native indian museum gift shop open from May to November thanks Dan"