Cross Farm, LLC
Contact: Zach Mangione
Address: 1121 Ferguson Road Barnet, VT, 05821
Email Address:
Phone: 802-633-2233
About Us
Cross Farm, LLC operates a small diversified livestock farm. We produce 100% grass-fed USDA certified organic lamb, pasture-raised USDA certified organic pork and pasture-raised USDA certified organic chicken.
We operate as a USDA certified organic farm certified by Vermont Organic Farmers. All of our sheep and hogs are birthed here on the farm and we maintain closed herds to maintain healthy animals.

Chicken: Our chicken will be inspected for organic certification in early summer 2017. Birds are fed Morrison Custom Feeds certified organic poultry rations and are set out on pasture at three weeks until finish. The birds are run on pasture in open quonset style shelters with electric netting. This allows the birds plenty of room and exercise. The chickens are USDA processed in a new state of the art facility in Richmond, Vermont and are air-chilled prior to packaging resulting in an exceptional quality product.