Pinestead Farm
Address: 2059A Easton Rd Franconia, NH, 03580
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Phone: 603-823-5580
About Us
Our farm in Franconia has been family owned and operated since 1793. It has remained a working farm from the time it was settled until the present. There have always been large vegetable gardens, from which the generations ate fresh produce all spring, summer and fall, while drying, canning, pickling, and storing the bounty for the long winters. We have kept cattle, chickens, pigs, turkeys, horses, goats, ducks, dogs, cats and the likes over the centuries. There is a working maple sugar house, sawmill and shingle mill on the property. The farmhouse has been a vacation destination for traveling guests since the 1800's. There is always a bustle of activity on the farm, which quiets each evening with the satisfaction of the day's accomplishments. With every changing season there grows a deeper gratitude for and appreciation of living in harmony with the land.
All of our vegetables are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We strive to improve the health of our soils and pastures which, in turn, nurtures the vegetables, fruits, animals and ourselves. We practice crop rotation, cover cropping, active composting, companion planting and rotational grazing. Farming is about practice, patience, trial, error and science- and we love it!