Coos Quail
Contact: Nikki Monley
Address: 21 Pine Haven Rd Lancaster, NH, 03584
Email Address:
Phone: 603-369-9793
About Us
We are a small farm in the sweet town of Lancaster, NH. The quail began as an alternative to chickens because of their wild nature and nutrient rich meat and eggs. We fell in love instantly and plan to expand the operation in the spring.
We take great pride in everything we raise. Our quail receive the care they deserve. Each day they have fresh water and feed to their hearts desire. They are given a bushel of kale once per week for extra nutrition. The beautiful quail eggs are collected several times each day. They are part of our family. The quail eat an antibiotic free wild game feed that is high in protein to ensure their health. They mature rapidly and need the extra protein to help them grow.