Spring Hill
Contact: Scott Oeschger
City: Derby, VT,
Email Address:
Phone: 802-748-2232
About Us
Spring Hill Angus is located in beautiful Derby, Vermont. We currently finished building a new farm to house our growing herd of cattle. Our focus is to raise all of the cattle with the least possible contact of any foreign substances that will remove the distinguished quality that our customers are looking for as well as being hormone free. We treat each and every one of our cattle humanely and safely. Our herd is on a strict diet, consuming grass, corn silage, and the freshest cuts of hay. We inspect all food that our cattle will be ingesting to make sure that it is healthy and safe for them as it will also be for the consumer.
Our farming practices strive on understanding the behavior of our livestock which facilitates our handling to reduce stress which then improves cattle/handler safety and overall animal welfare. Spring Hill Angus and Northeast Kingdom Processing have a special relationship by being owned and operated by the same person. The best part of this operation is that all steps of the process are fully controlled from pasture to plate. In the new farm we have incorporated a much more functional lifestyle for our cattle and are continuously looking at improvements. We will soon be utilizing software that directly connects with each of our beef individually to be immediately notified if anything was off balance. It is important to have full access and communication with your herd at all times of the day. All in all we care about our cattle and this is why we have control of the full process because we care for the customers too. Our new state of the art USDA inspected processing facility oversees the safety of each animal. We take pride in what our customers eat but knowing that it is safe, fresh and knowing it is local leaves an even better taste in one's mouth. I hope you will taste the difference too.