Old Crow
Contact: Jeff & Linda Plaisted
Address: 881 South Hill Road Stewartstown, NH, 03576
Email Address:
Phone: 603-237-8508
About Us
What is now the " Old Crow Farm" is located on South Hill in Stewartstown and was build in 1864. It began as a dairy farm and had three barns and 280 acres of beautiful fertile land. Most has been sold off in pieces however we were lucky enough to purchase the original house and 7 beautiful acres of fertile farm land. Beneath the overgrowth we found Concord grapes, a variety of blueberry bushes, which we add to every year, and also raspberries. We have several large vegetable gardens, which also seem to get bigger each year as well as perennial flower beds and hens that we keep for eggs.
naturaly grown from certified organic seeds