Meadowstone Farm
Contact: Tim Wennrich
Address: 809 Brook Road Bethlehem, NH, 03574
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Phone: 603-444-0786
About Us

Meadowstone Farm sits in the Ammonoosuc River valley between two small streams, just outside the village of Littleton in the town of Bethlehem. Our farm encompasses over 250 acres with approximately 15 under cultivation in vegetables and berries. In addition we also raise pigs, chickens for both meat and eggs, and dairy goats for our own cheese.

Growing up in Northern New York, Tim was always surrounded by agriculture and through his travels during his college days at Dartmouth and afterwards. He always felt connected to and sought out local agricultural and while teaching in the Swiss mountains he further experienced how ingrained the farming culture was with the community as a whole.
When the Meadowstone Farm was started in 2004 at an old New England cow dairy farm, Tim knew that he wanted it to be a community center for agriculture and accessible for folks to learn more about where their food comes and how it is grown and raised.

Our diverse farm grows and offers a variety of local farm products to Northern New Hampshire. Ranging from tomato plants to pork to compost to swiss chard, we feel that supporting local food system is imperative in strengthening local economies, improving health and increasing regional independence.

It is one of our goals to inspire people to grow their own food. We do this by providing compost and plants to local community gardens, donating custom gardens to local raffles, hosting schools and garden club tours at the farm. We also provide housing and board for interested folks who want to give farming a try through an organization called WWOOF...Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. We also sell seedlings and compost to individuals who have gardens of their own, however small.

It would be wonderful if Meadowstone Farm worked itself out of its current business because all of its customers produced what they needed. We realize the idealism in that business model, but until that happens we will continue to provide healthy, fresh, and great tasting food the way nature intended.
Our growing practices follow the organic standards but we are not certified. We employ about 5 amazing folks to help make the farm happen and all of them are an integral part of the farm and local community. You can check out their bios on the website.

When we aren't busy picking weeds, which we love to do, the family enjoys biking, hiking, rock climbing, skiing and Tim also enjoys his duties coaching soccer and lacrosse. If that doesn't keep Tim busy enough, he also sits on the Board of the Littleton COOP and White Mountain Science.

While farming was initially a way to have winters off to ski, a serious interest in educating folks about how and why we grow our food prevailed and after ten years of chaos we have expanded and now grow food for our busy farm stand, Mon-Sat 8:30-5:30; the Littleton COOP, Farmer's markets in Lancaster, Sat 9-12, Bethlehem Farmer's Market Sat 10-2; and Littleton, Sun 9-12 some local restaurants and, of course, North Country Farmers Coop. To learn more about why and how we grow at Meadowstone Farm you can check out our website.

Our vegetables are grown by standards that are equal to or exceed the current Organic Certification standards. All animals are fed Organic grain and are pasture raised. More information on our practices can be found at our website,