Farmer Brown
Contact: Todd and Annette Brown
Address: 1656 Cold Hill Rd. Lyndonville, VT, 05851
Email Address:
Phone: 802-626-5980
About Us
"Our farm sits on a hilltop farm nestled among the rolling hills of Vermont, about 30 miles from the Canadian border. With our four children, we live and raise our animals in harmony with nature. The Grazing herd is bred and raised on the farm, assuring quality control from breeding through processing. Our practices, along with fresh air, sunshine, and healthful forages, allow them to thrive. In every way, we attempt to mimic nature.

We offer healthy, wholesome products, from animals humanely raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. Our pasture grazing system is ideal for the animals and the environment. Our animals live naturally on our pastures, grazing the forages growing in our fields. In the summer, we harvest the excess growth and feed it as hay in the winter. The animal wastes return to the land and become nutrients for the next grass cycle. That's how it should be."
AWA (Animal Welfare Approved)
AGA (American Grass-fed Association)