Serendipity Farm
Contact: Jess and Dan Boynton
Address: 11 Palmer Rd Campton, NH, 03223
Email Address:
Phone: 603-465-8255
About Us
Serendipity Farm was established in 2016 when Dan and Jess moved to Campton from Plymouth, NH. We have a vision for edible landscapes, improved soil and pastures, healthy, happy animals, and creating a place for our family, friends and neighbors to come together. We currently grow on less than half an acre, including one high tunnel. We have a small but expanding orchard, the beginnings of some food forests, and our chickens are helping us to slowly open up more growing space.
We follow many of the guidelines for organic farming without being formally certified. We have used a tiller, but mainly use a no-till, permanent raised bed method to preserve soil life and build organic matter. We rotate our chickens across future and past growing spaces, and try to give our birds as much grazing food as possible without letting them take over our farm/gardens. All of our poultry are fed organic grain from Green Mountain Organic Feed in VT to supplement that diet.

We do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, and have selectively used organically certified pest repellants when needed. It's our goal to harvest and deliver our products within 24 hours to increase freshness and preserve nutritive content.