Mountain Roots Farm
Contact: Heidi Cook and Kevin Gordon
Address: 4123 Main Street Bethlehem, NH, 03574
Email Address:
Phone: 603-686-0296
About Us
Mountain Roots Farm is a small farm located at the previous Bethlehem Flower Farm on Rt. 302. We grow a large variety of vegetables and cut flowers, are establishing berry patches, raise eggs, goats, sheep and pigs. Our aim is to eventually be a self-sufficient full diet farm.
While we are not certified organic, we practice sustainable beyond-organic growing practices. We use composted cow manure and wood ash to amend our fields, rotate crops and utilize cover crops to grow our soil's organic matter. Our chickens are fed Morrison's organic feed and have huge amounts of space to roam and forage. Our pigs, sheep and goats are rotated throughout our property and have plenty of fresh pasture.