Franconia Farms
Contact: Walt and Kathy Palmer
Address: 34 Coppermine Rd. Franconia, NH, 03580
Email Address:
Phone: 603-348-0558
About Us
We are located in the pristine Easton Valley, four miles south of Franconia, NH, on a historic site that was home to some of the earliest farms in the region. Our open areas are dedicated to hay fields and pasture. Our primary focus is our grass-fed, organic, Scottish Highland cattle, which produce low-fat, flavorful, tender beef, that is highly prized by discerning chefs and beef-lovers. We also raise Romney and Shetland sheep, pigs, turkeys, chickens for meat and eggs, and occasionally ducks. We also mow and bale our own hay for our livestock. We welcome our customers to visit and see our livestock and farm practices.
Our farming philosophy is to live in harmony with our environment. All practices are low-impact. We adhere to organic practices, and never apply or utilize pesticides or toxic chemicals of any kind on our land - not even pressure-treated wood. Our cattle eat only the grass that grows in our pastures, and the hay raised in our fields, so we have absolute control over the quality of our products. Our meat products are guaranteed completely free of the numerous pesticides, preservatives, coloring agents, meat glue, additives, and other contaminants often found in supermarket products. Any livestock manure collected is returned to the fields to help maintain soil health and natural nutrient balance. Our beef production practices result in extremely low environmental impacts or carbon footprint, eliminating the environmental and global-warming guilt associated with the consumption of commercially-raised beef. All of our livestock are lovingly raised. They are allowed to free-range, or are pastured in spacious pastures that allow them to live happy, natural lives and express their natural instincts and behaviors. All livestock are processed in the most humane manner possible, and according to USDA regulations and requirements. Beef, lamb, and pork is processed at USDA certified facilities and final products are vacuum-sealed for freshness, and labeled "USDA Certified". We are confident that our products are among the purest, lowest-impact, highest-quality meat products available on the market.