Harmony Mountain Eco Farm
Address: 35 Hodge Rd Lancaster, NH, 03584
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Phone: 860-707-9515
About Us
Located on 250 acres in Eastern Lancaster, New Hampshire, Bill and Cindy operate a multi species farm. They raise poultry, beef and pork for their growing customer base while enjoying the company of dairy goats, cows and other farm friends.(dogs, cats, horses and one turkey...he the mascot).
They believe in matching the animals to their natural environment. They are rotated on pasture and enjoy sunlight, fresh air and the ability to express their natural desires of foraging, while being supplemented by tradition grains. All the animals on the farm have a job, the chickens control the insects, the goats keep back brush, the pigs till, the cows keep the pastures down, all in an effort to reclaim and keep the land healthy and alive.