Prospect Farm
Contact: Lane and Meryl Nevins
Address: 507 Lancaster Road Lunenburg, VT, 05906
Email Address:
Phone: 603-568-2441
About Us
A diversified livestock farm committed to raising heritage breed animals, humanely and holistically in harmony with nature. Offering pasture-raised and rotationally grazed heritage-pork, chicken, turkey, and beef. Located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, we pride ourselves in offering meat of exceptional quality with close attention paid to the welfare of the animals and the land we live on.
We use intensive rotational grazing patterns that mimic the animals natural lifestyle. This means that each animal group is kept on a portion of pasture only as long as it takes for them to eat the best forage available. This provides our animals with the healthiest living environment. We use holistic planning and management to ensure our practices respect the environment and the nutrition of our customers. By carefully managing our animals to do what comes naturally, we are able to offer honest meat of exceptional quality.