Stockwell Farms
Address: 475 Diamond Pond Road Colebrook, NH, 03576
Email Address:
Phone: 603-237-5303
About Us

Stockwell Farms grows certified organic vegetables and herbs to provide the most healthy food. They are available at the farm during growing season, online, and at the North Country Marketplace all year. During, and long after the growing season, Stockwell Farms provides delicious, safe and healthy vegetables and herbs grown organically without pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. Organic food is not expensive!

Look for specials, frequently available. See the list of vegetables and herbs normally grown as well as what is currently available. Stockwell Farms is a member of the North Country Farmers Coop.

Where is Stockwell Farms? The farm is located at 457 Diamond Pond Road, Colebrook, NH. It is 2 miles up Diamond Pond Road from route 26. Look for the greenhouse on the left. If you reach Harvey Swell Road (on the left), your just past the farm.

Certified Organic