Haynes Homestead
Contact: Elaine Haynes
Address: 172 Harvey Swell Rd Colebrook, NH, 03576
Email Address:
Phone: 603-237-4395
About Us
Haynes Homestead is a local family-run farm providing fresh, natural and thoughtfully grown food. The farm is located in Northern New Hampshire on 430-acres of land that has been in the family since 1935 for four generations. It is important to keep it in the family. They raised six sons here, and now that the Haynes are in their 70s, their sons and spouses, along with the grandchildren, continue to help keep the farm active.

Like many in Northern New Hampshire, to survive the harsh financial climate they try to be self-sufficient by raising their own pigs, chickens, goats, and more recently, beefalo. They milk their goats, sell eggs from the layers, and sell the other meats (including broiler chickens beefalo, and sometimes turkeys). They process their own chickens on the farm. They raise their herd of 26 beefalo in an area where they built 7 paddocks (including a large forested area where the beefalo can get protection from the elements). They rotate paddocks every 7 days, and the beefalo always have hay available. The Haynes do not use any commercial fertilizers, and raise their animals according to Good Agricultural Practices, and as organically as possible, (but are not certified organic). This beefalo herd has superior protein, the highest protein of all beef, and according to a test conducted by the USDA, their total fat and saturated fat are the most efficient of all beef animals. Their beefalo are processed at a USDA facility, Northeast Kingdom Processing Center, when they are ready, sometime between 18-24 months.

In addition to their animals, they grow about 5 acres of produce, some of that in 3 high tunnels. For their personal use, they freeze, dry, and can garden produce to sustain them through the long New England winters. For their customers, they provide a large variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Their upper fields yield and acre of asparagus, 100 blueberry plants, and lots of strawberries and raspberries in season. Their Farm Stand is open Spring through Fall. Their delicious homemade fudge is available year-round, and can be shipped. Winter is a busy time for them as they handcraft fragrant Balsam Fir Wreaths and Kissing Balls that they ship across the country. Although they are not a certified organic farm, they do follow the principles behind certification.